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  1. Contact Us - Administrator
  2. Contact Us - COVID-19 Information
  3. Contact Us - Next Steps

    Please fill out this form if you would like to be involved with the City of West Fargo's plan of action to address racism in the... More…

  1. Contact Us - City Ordinances
  2. Contact Us - Liquor Control Board


  1. Contact Us - Communications
  1. Public Access Channel Announcement

    Use this form to submit your public access channel announcement.

Community Services and Events

  1. COLOR FEST Food Vendor Application

    Please fill out this form if you would like to be a food vendor during COLOR FEST.

  2. COLOR FEST Vendor Application

    Application to participate in the COLOR FEST Vendor Show 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 17, 2021, on Sheyenne Street. All... More…

  3. Contact Us - Community Services and Events
  4. West Fest Event Volunteer Registration

    Form to sign up as a volunteer for one or multiple West Fest events. Individual and groups of volunteers are needed for Saturday, Sept... More…

  1. COLOR FEST Sponsorship Form

    The City of West Fargo is excited to celebrate the start of the north Sheyenne Street urban reconstruction by painting intersections on... More…

  2. Community Events Volunteer Interest Form

    The City of West Fargo is looking for volunteers to help with City of West Fargo Community Events. These events include the West Fargo... More…

  3. Love Your Local Gift Card Business Opt-In Form

    Form for West Fargo businesses to opt-in to the Love Your Local gift card program.

Economic Development

  1. Business Registration Form

    Register with the City of West Fargo's department of economic development for important information, updates and announcements about... More…

  2. Contact Us - Economic Development Advisory Committee
  1. Contact Us - Economic Development


  1. Contact Us - City Engineer
  2. Neighborhood Spring Flood Watch Group

    Registration form to join a neighborhood spring flood watch group to assess riverbanks south of I-94. You must own property south of... More…

  1. Contact Us - Project Engineer


  1. Alcohol Special Event Application

    Use this form to apply for permission to host a special event with alcohol. Complete, print and return the form with the $25.00 fee at... More…

  2. Contact Us - Utility Billing
  1. Contact Us - Finance


  1. Community Safety Education Form

    Allows you to schedule a safety educational class for your group or event.

  2. Contact Us - Deputy Chief (Professional Standards)

    Form to contact West Fargo Fire Department Deputy Chief regarding professional standards.

  3. Contact Us - Fire Chief

    Form to contact West Fargo Fire Department Chief Dan Fuller.

  4. West Fargo Fire Department Customer Satisfaction Survey

    Provide feedback on your interaction with the West Fargo Fire Department.

  1. Contact Us - Deputy Chief (Operations)

    Form to contact West Fargo Fire Department Deputy Chief regarding operations.

  2. Contact Us - Deputy Chief (Risk Reduction)

    Form to contact West Fargo Fire Department Deputy Chief Dell Sprecher regarding risk reduction.

  3. West Fargo Fire Department - Records Request

Human Resource

  1. Contact Us - Human Resources

    Note: The City of West Fargo does not accept resumes via email or this form. Please complete a job application for a posted job to... More…

Library - Event Registrations

  1. Adult Craft: Let's Make Birdhouses 2021
  2. Employment and Job Skills Community Resource Panel
  3. NaNoWriMo Weekly Virtual Write-in Interest Form
  4. Winter Trivia for Families
  5. Zoom Trivia: Adult Feb 15, 2021 Parks & Rec
  1. Adult Craft: Let's Make Hanging Felt Succulent Gardens 2021
  2. Introduction to Family History with Jackie Marler
  3. Welcome to West Fargo Virtual Open House Panel Registration
  4. Women in Business Series: Growing & Retaining your Small Business Staff Registration

    Gain some tips and tricks for attracting new employees, retaining staff, establishing a human resources department, best practices for... More…


  1. Citizens Police Academy Interest Form

    Please fill out this form if you would like to be contacted with the next Citizens Police Academy registration form is available.

  2. Contact Us - Police
  3. Neighborhood Block Party

    Neighborhood block parties are a time for West Fargo Police Department officers to socialize and interact with the community. Please... More…

  1. Contact Us - Citizens Police Academy
  2. Contact Us - Project Lifesaver

    Provide your contact information to be contacted by a West Fargo Police Department representative about Project Lifesaver.

Public Works

  1. Contact Us - Code Enforcement
  2. Contact Us - Forestry
  3. Contact Us - Sanitation
  4. Contact Us - Streets
  5. Contact Us - Water
  1. Contact Us - Emergency Management
  2. Contact Us - Public Works
  3. Contact Us - Sewer
  4. Contact Us - Utility Billing
  5. Sump Pump Fee Waiver Certification Form

    Form to certify a property is waived from the sump pump fee requirement because a sump pump does not exist at the property or is only... More…