Does the library offer reference services?

Yes. Beginning Sept. 2023, the Library will offer a range of Reference Services to assist patrons in their information and resource needs. Learn more below. 

The Library provides both in-person and remote reference services. In-person assistance is available at the library, while remote help is accessible through an online form which staff will respond to as soon as they are able. 

In-Person Reference Services

You can get in-person help navigating the library resources and databases or get help choosing what to read next by scheduling a 30-minute appointment in advance or taking advantage of first-come, first-serve openings at the library. Our librarians are here to guide you through exploring various topics, including starting with family history or genealogy research. Furthermore, we provide personalized reader's advisory to help you discover new genres and reading options.

In-Person Technology Tutoring

You can also get in-person help with basic technology questions by scheduling a 30-minute appointment with one of our technology tutors. Our technology tutors are available to assist with topics such as basic computer, tablet, eReader, or smartphone skills; basic internet and browser skills; setting up email or social media accounts; learning how to use apps and websites; and streaming and downloading digital media like ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines.

Online Reference Services

If you are unable to visit the library during Reference Services hours, you can get help online. Reference Services for general inquiries and Reader's Advisory for exploring genres and reading preferences. For remote help, you can submit your inquiries through online forms that will be available on our website soon. 

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