How can I dispose of debris after a storm?

After a storm, many residents are faced with cleanup of trees, branches, fences and other debris. Resident of the City of West Fargo should follow the below guidelines when picking up after severe weather.

  • Branches are collected curbside by the City of West Fargo’s grapple truck. 
  • Roots and stumps cannot be collected by the grapple truck. Bring these items to the City of West Fargo’s Transfer Station.
  • Organic debris, such as grass, leaves and yard waste, should be disposed at the West Fargo Transfer Station or one of the four compost and yard waste drop-off locations located in West Fargo.
  • Large pieces of debris, such as fencing, can be placed next to garbage on collection days or brought to the West Fargo Transfer Station.
    • If left on the curb, fencing should be no larger than 4 feet by 6 feet. Panels larger than this will not be picked up curbside and will have to be taken to the Transfer Station.

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