The West Fargo Fire Department's Training Division goals are: 

  • To enhance the overall effectiveness of the fire department by providing comprehensive and up-to-date training programs. 
  • To improve the safety of firefighters and the public by ensuring that all members are trained in the latest firefighting techniques and safety procedures. 
  • To foster a culture of continuous learning within the fire department that emphasizes ongoing professional development and skill building. 
  • To develop and maintain partnerships with other fire departments, emergency service organizations and education institutions to share knowledge and resources. 
  • To maintain a training program that is flexible, adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of the fire department and the community. 


The West Fargo Fire Department adheres to the ISO guidelines, which mandate that firefighters must accumulate a minimum number of training hours annually. 

To meet this requirement, shift personnel have the flexibility to complete the required training while on duty. For part-time staff, the options include attending individual training sessions or fulfilling their training hours while covering shifts. 

In a new approach, part-time personnel have the opportunity to participate in a weekend-long training once each quarter. During this designated weekend, both part-time and full-time employees engage in training, facilitating larger sessions that involve the entire department. This streamlined approach ensures efficient and comprehensive training for all personnel.