2000-2015 Increased Demands

By the mid 2000’s, the city began to expand beyond the confines of Interstate 94.  The area known as Eagle Run was built and expanded on to eventually cover seven square miles. Thousands of homes were built, along with a second high school, second middle school, and three more elementary schools. 

Four buildings over 333,000 square feet were built: Costco, Cashwise, Rustad Community Center, and West Fargo Sports Arena. The largest apartment building in North Dakota was built on Veterans Boulevard. Latitude 46 was opened, with 473,000 square feet of living space, taking up an entire city block. The building has more square feet than the 22 story Lashkowitz High Rise in Fargo. To cover this huge expansion of the city, the department build a second fire station in 2011, named the “Southside Fire Station.” 

To meet the continued demand of inspections and code enforcement, a third fire inspector was hired in 2015.  

After 35 years of service, 22 as the Fire Chief, Roy Schatsnieder retired from the West Fargo Fire Department. Minot Fire Captain Dan Fuller was hired as the new Chief of the Department in May 2015.