North Sheyenne Street Urban Reconstruction


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Project Timeline

This project is slated for the 2021 construction season.

  • Phase 1: March to mid-July
    • South of Sixth Avenue W. to Fourth Avenue W.
  • Phase 2: Mid-July to mid-September
    • Fourth Avenue W. to Second Avenue W.
  • Phase 3: Mid-September to mid-November
    • Second Avenue W. to south of Main Avenue W.

All project timelines and schedules are subject to change. A more detailed plan will be developed with the contractor in the first quarter of 2021.

Project Details

Replace aging infrastructure

The project aims to replace aging infrastructure from Main Avenue W. to Sixth Avenue W. that the core area infrastructure master plan study identified in the fall of 2019. This includes improvements to water mains, sanitary sewer and storm sewer throughout the corridor that either is approaching the end of its service life or is undersized. The utility replacement work was not initially part of this project, but the study results made it apparent that these utility replacements were necessary.

Streetscaping to support The Yards on Sheyenne downtown district

Under the original plans for this project, it will also add streetscaping to strengthen the area’s destination appeal and improve walkability and safety. This portion, which receives $2.37 million in funds through a grant from the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT), includes new concrete, curb and gutter, diagonal and parallel parking, curb bulb outs, planters, furniture and highlight areas for future amenities like public art.

Project Costs and Funding

The current project estimate is $10.45 million at this time, including construction costs, land acquisitions, utility relocations, engineering, consulting services and administrative fees for legal and financial series. 

To cover these costs, the City will utilize a funding plan that includes: 

  • $1,834,000 in capital improvement sales tax;
  • $1,200,000 in economic development sales tax;
  • $2,216,000 in water and sewer utility fee revenues;
  • $2,377,446 in a NDDOT Urban Grant;
  • $1 million in Prairie Dog Funds; and 
  • $1,822,554 in special assessments.

All project costs and funding allocations are subject to change until the project is fully completed.

Sheyenne Street Urban Reconstruction Project Funding Plan