Snow Plows

Emergency Routes are plowed throughout the duration of each winter storm. All remaining roads are plowed as soon as possible at the conclusion of each storm. All events are unique and the time period that each individual street will be plowed will be determined by the availability of equipment, personnel and materials. We appreciate your patience as we clean the roads as quickly as possible.

Winter Weather Operations Plan

Emergency Response

West Fargo Public Works (WFPW) snow equipment will escort any emergency services vehicles upon request. If operations have been suspended WFPW will be available at all times to provide assistance.

Restrictions and Prohibitions

Winter-Related Ordinances

Depositing Snow in Right of Way 

Ordinance 13-0706 regulates where snow may be stored. It states that it is unlawful to deposit any snow upon any City street.

Placing snow adjacent to property 

Ordinance 13-0706 states that it is unlawful to deposit, place, or dump any snow upon public rights-of-ways other than from adjacent sidewalks and driveways. 

Snow and ice removal on sidewalks. 

Ordinance 2-0121 states that no snow or ice may not be allowed to remain upon any public sidewalk. The owner has 48 hours to remove snow after a storm or notice will be given and the sidewalk may be cleared at the owner expense. It should be noted that if no sidewalk connectivity exists (isolated sidewalk), they may not be required to remove snow.

Stranded Vehicles

Towing and impound

West Fargo Police Department will be contacted to have any stranded vehicles or illegally parked vehicles, which are interfering with winter operations, impounded.


Through the course of normal winter operations, damage to property does occur. This damage may be caused by the plow proper or by the weight of the snow as it is thrown. It is the responsibility of each operator to make every effort to avoid such damage. If a crash or damage does occur it is the responsibility to notify the winter operations center immediately and accurately reported. Below are the most common damages found and WFPW responsibility.


No matter how minor, the damage must be reported immediately. The Police department will be notified and a crash report be filed. 


WFPW will level damaged area, replace top soil if needed, seed, and hydromulch. WFPW will not be responsible for any private contractors, or privately acquired materials.


If WFPW equipment physically hits the mailbox, WFPW provide labor and up to seventy five dollars ($75) in materials. WFPW will not be responsible for any costs which exceed seventy five dollars. Mailboxes that are damaged by snow from the plow no restitution will be made.

Properly installed and maintained mailbox should withstand snow removal efforts. 

Sprinkler Systems

WFPW will not be responsible for the repair or replacement of any sprinkle systems located in any areas adjacent to our transportation network.

Miscellaneous Items

Basketball hoops, hockey goals, and any other types of displays will not be responsibility of WFPW.