Registered Offenders

An individual who has pled guilty to or been convicted of certain criminal offenses in this state (or an equivalent offense in any state, federal, tribal or international court), may be required to register as a sex offender. 

North Dakota Sex Offender Information

Registered Offenders Risk Level Descriptions

High: Statistically the most likely to commit another sexual offense, high risk offenders have typically committed more than one offense, have refused to engage in sex offender treatment, or have engaged in behaviors that contribute to an elevated level of risk. 

Moderate: Moderate risk offenders score higher on actuarial tools than those in the low risk category, but may not constitute a significant threat to all members of the public. Community notification is "targeted" towards those who fall in a similar victim class as a previous victim of the offender. 

Low: Statistically the least like to commit another sexual offense, low risk offenders have typically only committed one offense, have completed sexual offender treatment, or have been in the community for a number of years without reoffending. 

Undetermined: To make use of the most accurate and current information, risk levels are not assigned until a few months prior to an offenders release from prison. For offenders that come to North Dakota from another state or the federal prison system, it may take several weeks to gather the necessary records, assign the risk level, and provide the offender a due process hearing. Offenders whose risk level has not yet been assigned are classified as "undetermined". 

Restricted Release: This offender is a resident of a transition center, halfway house or correctional facility. This offender is granted community release on a limited basis.

Searchable List of Registered Offenders