December 12, 2017

About YourGOV


In a few simple steps, YourGOV users can submit common issues — such as potholes, vandalism, street light outages and more — complete with location, details and photos. Once submitted, YourGOV will automatically deliver requests to the city’s public works department where they are reviewed and routed for proper handling. YourGOV is being offered free of charge and is available for immediate use.

If you would like to receive a response from the city regarding your submission, please submit under a registered account. The city cannot follow up on anonymous submissions.


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Visit the online portal:

Anonymous submissions are allowed, but the city cannot follow up if the submission is anonymous.


Download the app for your smartphone:

Users of the Apple iPhoneTM can download the free YourGOV iPhone app in the iTunes App Store. Users of AndroidTM enabled smartphones can download the free YourGOV app in the Google Market or Amazon App Store.