December 11, 2017
August 11, 2017
Written by Police Department Staff
West Fargo Police Department reminds residents to lock it or lose it

Recently, there has been a significant increase in vehicle break-ins and theft in the City of West Fargo. The West Fargo Police Department would like to remind the public that the best ways to avoid becoming a victim to these crimes is to remove valuables from their vehicles and make sure they are locked at all times. Criminals look for easy-target vehicles and will usually move on to the next vehicle if they aren’t able to get inside easily. Other tips for avoiding a break-in include:

  1. Don’t leave your keys in your vehicle or your vehicle running and unattended.
  2. Don’t leave vehicle sunroofs, windows, trunks and garage doors open.
  3. Do consider installing an anti-theft system, which is a deterrent for thieves and may make you eligible for insurance discounts.
  4. Do park in well-lit areas at night.
  5. Do report any suspicious activity to the West Fargo Police Department by calling 701-433-5500.


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