November 22, 2017
February 27, 2017
Written by Public Works Staff
City of West Fargo to Implement Road Restrictions Feb. 28

The City of West Fargo has announced that spring road restrictions for commercial motor vehicles will be put in place Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017. The West Fargo Municipal Code calls for reduced allowable weights on streets under City of West Fargo jurisdiction that may become seriously damaged or destroyed by deterioration, rain, snow or other climate conditions. These restrictions are put in place every spring, when streets break up due to frost leaving the ground and heavy loads could cause serious damage to the roads.

The restricted roadways classifications, restricted gross axle weights, and restricted gross vehicle weight limits on city streets are as follows:

Road Restriction Maximum Gross and Axle Weights


Class 1 Load Restriction

Class 2 Load Restriction

Class 3 Load Restriction

Class 4 Load Restriction

Gross weight

110,000 lbs.

90,000 lbs.

64,000 lbs.

Cars and Unloaded Trucks Only

Single Axle

18,000 lbs.

15,000 lbs.

12,000 lbs.

Tandem Axle

32,000 lbs.

30,000 lbs.

24,000 lbs.

Triple Axle

42,000 lbs.

36,000 lbs.

30,000 lbs.

Quad Axle

56,000 lbs.

48,000 lbs.

40,000 lbs.

Five-Axle Grouping

70,000 lbs.

60,000 lbs.

50,000 lbs.


A copy of the city’s road class map for 2017 can be found on the City of West Fargo website.

Spring restrictions typically are in place from March until May, but the actual dates are weather dependent. Vehicles found in excess of the weight limitations imposed are charged a fee based on their amount overweight.

For more information, please visit the City of West Fargo’s overdimensional website or contact the City of West Fargo’s public works department at (701) 433-5400.

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