October 20, 2017
April 14, 2016
Written by New Water Source Project
Receive Water Project Alerts

A cooperative drinking water project that will deliver water from the City of Fargo’s Water Treatment Plant to residents of West Fargo is underway.  West Fargo will use CodeRED phone and text alerts over the coming months to inform specific neighborhoods when Public Works will flush the City’s drinking water pipelines during the water supply transition.  West Fargo residents can stay informed about the flushing schedule by signing up for CodeRED phone and text alerts. 

To sign up for CodeRED, go to the City of West Fargo’s webpage, www.WestFargoND.gov, and click on Sign-up for CodeRED under the “I want to…” options on the left side of the homepage.  When signing up for CodeRED alerts, be sure to check the “General Notifications” box to ensure that you will receive the City’s utility messages in addition to emergency notifications. 

Water system flushing will occur intermittently in West Fargo through July. Public Works needs to flush the entire system to clean out any pipeline deposits as well as remove the existing well water from the City’s distribution system. Residents should be aware that flushing may disturb deposits and sediments in the pipelines which may cause temporary water discoloration.  Although it may not look appealing, the discolored water is safe to drink and for bathing. To remove the discolored water from your home’s pipes, simply run cold water in your bathtub until the water runs clear.  The flushing that will occur during the water supply transition is similar to the system flushing the City of West Fargo has completed on a regular schedule for decades.

In addition to CodeRED alerts, the City will regularly update the progress of the flushing program on its website www.WestFargoND.gov. Scroll down the homepage and click on the “West Fargo Water Supply” link to access information about the project, including a map that will show which neighborhoods have been flushed and which zones are scheduled to be flushed next.  A list of Frequently Asked Questions and other project information can also be found on the site.  In addition to the City’s website, information about the water supply transition will also be communicated via utility bills, direct mail pieces, the City’s Facebook page, and the City’s Twitter account.     


Project Background

The City of West Fargo decided in 2015 to begin purchasing water from the City of Fargo in 2016 because it is the most economical option for providing water to its growing population which is currently estimated at more than 30,000 people.  The City of Fargo will begin pumping water into West Fargo’s water distribution system starting in June.  Residents of West Fargo can expect to begin receiving water within a few weeks of the pump stations becoming operational. 
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