September 20, 2017
West Fargo Streets

Several road projects are underway in the City of West Fargo.  Check regularly for project updates.

12th Avenue NE (County Road 19 to Ninth Street NE) - District No. 1279
84% Complete
Estimated Begin: April 2016Estimated End: October 2017
Last Updated: August 31, 2017

This multi-phase project will modify the 2.5-mile rural, two-lane stretch of 12th Avenue North into a new urban corridor with utility improvements, curb and gutter, turn lanes, a roundabout, street lights and a shared use path. The project improvements will address future traffic demands and safety concerns. 

Current road closures:

  • 12th Avenue NE closed from Seventh Street NE to approximately Fourth Street NE.
  • 12th Avenue NE and Seventh Street NE intersection open.
  • 12th Avenue NE and Ninth Street NE intersection closed.
  • 12th Avenue NE open to local traffic from approximately Fourth Street NE to Center Street for business access.

Current detour map

PHASE 3 [Current Phase]
JUNE 8, 2017 - AUGUST 1, 2017

This phase is from the east of Center Street to the west of Ninth Street NE. It will be divided in three phases to accompdate local traffic. See phase maps for more information.

Completed work:

  • 3A: Utilities, paving, bike path
  • 3B: Utilities, paving, bike path
  • 3C: Utilities, paving
  • 4: Removals

Upcoming work:

  • 3A: Seeding, final details
  • 3B: Seeding, final details
  • 3C: Bike path
  • 4: Utilities
  • 12th Avenue/Ninth Street intersection

See the Phase 3 map.
See Phase 3A map.

See Phase 3B map.
See Phase 3C map.

PHASE 4 [Future Phase]
AUGUST 1 - OCTOBER 15, 2017

This phase is the intersection of 12th Avenue North and Ninth Street Northeast which should be completed and open to traffic by October 15, 2017.

See the Phase 4 map.

PHASE 1A & B [Completed Phase]
This phase is from east of County Road 19 (9th Street Northwest) to the west of 47th Street North. 

See Phase 1A and 1B map.

PHASE 2A [Completed Phase]

This phase stretches from the west of County Road 17 to the west of Center Street. This will also include modifications 1,100 feet north on County Road 17. 

See the Phase 2A map.


PHASE 2B  [Completed Phase]
APRIL 3, 2017 - JUNE 15, 2017

This phase is the intersection of 12th Avenue North and Center Street. 

Crews are currently pouring concrete and plan to have the intersection of Center Street and 12th Avenue North open by mid-June. After this intersection is opened, 12th Avenue North from Center Street to Ninth Street will be closed (Phase 3).

See the Phase 2B map.

Last Updated: September 11, 2017

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