November 22, 2017


It is unlawful for any citizen of West Fargo to push or blow snow into the streets. If you see your neighbor doing this, please contact Code Enforcement at 701-433-5400.

On the City of West Fargo’s Code Enforcement website, there are two ways to submit a complaint.  You may use the email option on the left side of the webpage or, if you prefer, you may use the PDF form link to submit a complaint electronically through your email provider.  Additional options are also available on the main webpage by selecting “connect” or “Submit a complaint to Code Enforcement.’’  If you are not comfortable using any of these electronic options, you may call the Code Enforcement Office directly at 701-433-5400 or pass on your concern through any other City of West Fargo office.  Lastly, we also take complaints in person at the City offices.  Please provide as much detail and a contact method for us to reach you in case of questions. 

We prefer not to receive complaints anonymously.  We have found that a good many complaints required follow-up with the complainant for accuracy of addresses/location, access to view the violation, to discuss the issue if no violation is observed and guidance back to complainant regarding who can address the concerns more appropriately.  The complainant information is never provided to the property owners where the violations occur unless it goes to court and is requested at that time.  Please understand all our records are public, phones calls and electronic documents included.

Receipt of the complaint will usually be acknowledged to the submitter within one business day of its receipt.  An initial inspection of the area of concern usually will occur within two business days.  After the inspection, coordination with other departments and review of City ordinances will be completed as needed to determine what course of action should be taken. This can take up to one week.  A notice is then sent to the property owner, who then has 48 hours, 7 days, 14 days or 30 days to complete any corrective action (depending on the type of violation).    

Grass and weeds must be less than 8 inches tall on all property within the city limits.  Not more than 30 % of the yard can be over 8 inches.  No noxious weeds can be on the property at any time or percentage of the yard. Ordinance 15-0305(a)

Snow must be removed from the sidewalks within 48 hours of the last snow event.   Ordinance 2-0121

Yes, wood piles must be stacked 6 inches off the ground to reduce the potential for harborage for vermin.  Ordinance 3-0204(E)
No.  Sump pump hoses cannot be placed on or over the sidewalk within the city.    Ordinance 2-0123
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West Fargo Code Enforcement Office

The Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the enforcement of the City ordinances and codes relating to nuisances, planning and zoning violations, dangerous buildings, vacant building registrations and health code issues not under the direction of the Fargo Cass Health Department.  

How to File a Complaint
Complaints can be submitted by sending an email to our office directly using the submission process on the right side of the webpage.  It can also be submitted by opening the form below and submitting it electronically via email to our office. And of course you can always call and leave a message and we will respond by the next business day to your call. Please leave as much detail as possible and a contact method so when we have questions or need more information we can do so by contacting you if we need to.  

Please see the FAQs for more details and advice.

Pierre Freeman
Pierre Freeman

Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: 701-433-5400
Fax: 701-433-5419
Address: 810 12th Ave NW,
West Fargo, ND 58078

Hours: 7am to 5pm (Monday through Friday)

City Ordinances


For all Emergencies call 911

For non-emergency concerns relating to the police, fire or infrastructure call:

Police Department: 701-433-5500
Fire Department: 701-433-5380
Public Works: 701-433-5400