December 12, 2017
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West Fargo Police Awards

Employees of the West Fargo Police Department are frequently awarded for their excellent service.  The West Fargo Exchange Club (and previously the West Fargo Area Exchange Club) has given an annual award to police employees since 1998.  Other organizations have equally supported and recognized employees.

West Fargo Police Department Employee of the Year

Police Department Employee of the Year Award

Each year the West Fargo Exchange Club selects one Police Department Employee based on the following standards:

  1. Candidate has shown outstanding skills associated with law enforcement
  2. Candidate exemplifies a positive attitude toward the city
  3. Candidate exemplifies citizenship through community involvement
  4. Candidate is recognized and respected by his/her peers and the community

This award is issued to someone who consistently demonstrates services and benefits rendered to other people or for other objectives over and beyond excellence in ones own profession or workplace

The winner receives this award an Exchange meeting in May of each year. The employee also is the guest of honor and is in the annual West Fest Parade in September.

Recommendations are made by fellow employees and those are reviewed by the West Fargo Exchange Club which selects one.

Formerly, this award was selected and presented by the West Fargo Area Chamber of Commerce before its merger with The Chamber in 2010.

Award Winners

1998/1999 Terry Styf  
1999/2000 Don Jones  
2000/2001 Eric Wiinanen  
2001/2002 Mike Reitan  
2002/2003 Doug Mack  
2003/2004 Al Schmidt  
2004/2005 Brad Berg  
2005/2006 Toshia Shaw  
2006/2007 Phil Roquette  
2007/2008 Pete Nielsen  
2008/2009 Chris Sandeen  
2009/2010 Derek Cruff  
2010/2011 Stacy Dawkins  
2011/2012 Rhonda Jorgensen  
2012/2013 Greg Warren  
2013/2014 Duane Sall   
2014/2015 Arland Rasmussen  
2015/2016 Margy Larson  
2016/2017 Trent Stanton