March 27, 2017


Rasmussen Named NDPOA Lone Eagle Award

8/14/2009 By Staff

Chief Arland Rasmussen presented with the NDPOA Lone Eagle AwardChief Arland Rasmussen was presented with the North Dakota Peace Officers Association’s Lone Eagle Award Thursday night in Jamestown. Presenter was ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. Rasmussen was recognized for his contribution to Law Enforcement on the local, state, regional and national level. Sharing the moment was Rasmussen’s wife Verna.

Lone Eagle Award

The Lone Eagle award is an honor presented annually to an active and a retired North Dakota Peace Officer, each of whom, in the eyes of their comrades, has contributed guidance, inspiration, and support throughout his career as a law enforcement official in the State of North Dakota.
Retired FBI agent Herb Eckenroth, who worked in North Dakota for many years, created this award in 1979 to recognize a North Dakota Peace Officer who “…has shown incorruptible soundness or moral character and faithful adherence to ethical principles.”