March 27, 2017


North Dakota "APCO" recognizes area dispatcher

10/27/2004 By Staff

Brandi Dixon receives an awardPhil Roquette, Arland Rasmussen, Brandi Dixon, Dave Bruckner The North Dakota Chapter of Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO), recognized West Fargo Police Dispatcher Brandi Dixon at their state wide meeting held in Fargo, Wednesday October 27th.

West Fargo Police Dispatcher, Brandi Dixon, was recognized as "Dispatcher of the Year” based on her performance during a serious medical emergency in February of 2004.

On 28 February 2004 at approximately 02:15 am, the West Fargo Police Department received a report of a large party in the City of West Fargo. Dixon directed officers to the location. While officers were in route to the scene, Dixon updated officers to the fact a fight had broken out involving twenty to thirty people. As officers arrived on the scene the people began to flee the area.

Dixon received a 911 call from a cellular phone. The caller was frantic and sounded to be under the influence. The caller stated he and his friends had been at the party and his friend had been stabbed. The caller indicated his friend was bleeding heavily from a wound to the abdomen. The caller was unfamiliar with the area and was requesting Dixon provide directions to the nearest hospital.

Without a location available, because the 911 call was placed from a cellular phone, Dixon had to determine the location of the victim. Dixon was able to determine through the description of landmarks and cross streets that the vehicle was in the West Acres area. Dixon convinced the caller to stop and allow FM Ambulance to meet them. Dixon directed FM Ambulance and Fargo Police Department to the scene. FM Ambulance was able to provide emergency treatment and transported the victim to Innovis Hospital. Medical reports indicated the victim lost nearly his full volume of blood during the incident. Dixon’s ability to locate the vehicle in which the victim was traveling, to convince the caller to stop to allow the ambulance to provide medical treatment, and her direction of emergency personnel to the scene undoubtedly contributed greatly in saving the life of the victim.

(Article from the West Fargo Pioneer 11/3/2004)