March 27, 2017


City of West Fargo Quarterly Award

1/25/2006 By Staff

Excerpt from a nomination letter by Chief Arland Rasmussen

Quarterly Reconition Board:

I would like to recommend Detective Sergeant Greg Warren for the City of West Fargo Quarterly Award.

During the late summer, early fall of 2005 Sgt. Warren took on a massive task to create a professional video/DVD explaining and combating the drug methamphetamine. Greg did not think small but obtained the help of a professional media company out of Minot ND and started fund raising on his own.

Throughout the next several months Greg spoke to many groups as well as individuals asking for money to help make this video/DVD a reality. After it was all said and done Greg had raised over $35,000.00!

With Greg’s guidance this DVD explains how meth is affecting our very own community and not just some generic community or larger city as portrayed in most DVD’s. He orchestrated involvement from the leaders of all the major cities and counties in our metro area, along with actively involving staff to be in the DVD from police, sheriff’s, hospitals, ambulances and schools in the area.

Greg spent many hours, on his own time. raising funds and helping make this DVD possible. His work shows a truly sincere interest in helping protect everyone in our community from this awful drug.

I respectfully and proudly nominate Sgt. Greg Warren for this award.

Arland H. Rasmussen
Chief of Police