March 27, 2017

Police Volunteers

The West Fargo Police Department relies on a number of citizens who volunteer their time to assist the department with day to day activities. These volunteers are citizens of West Fargo who want to donate some time back to their community.

Our volunteers have numerous of jobs that help assist the Police Department. These jobs include but are not limited to; transport squad cars to and from maintenance, cleaning of the vehicles, repairing small issues with the vehicles, transporting paper work to and from the states attorney’s office, juvenile hall, social services, minor building repairs, just to name a few.

We also have a volunteer chaplain who assists the Police Department by going with Officers on death notifications, suicides and just having a spiritual attitude that helps with the stresses of the job.

If you are interested in volunteering with the West Fargo Police Department we urge you to contact Officer Randy Burkhartsmeier at 701-433-5500.  Officer Burkhartsmeier will go over some details and inform you if we have any volunteer openings. 

 Internship Opportunities

The West Fargo Police Department offers an internship program allowing college and university students to learn not just the theory of law enforcement but see firsthand the actual workings of a police department. Throughout the years we have had students join us from all the local universities and some technical colleges.

The program is run by Officer Burkhartsmeier as an additional assignment. Students are encouraged to spend entire shifts riding and working with officers. They are required to spend specific amounts of time in each area of the police department including administration, clerical, communications, patrol and investigations.

If you are interested in an internship with the West Fargo Police Department, please contact Officer Burkhartsmeier at 701-433-5500.