March 27, 2017

Biological & Chemical Threats

Don't Panic, Do Prepare

Tips for Preparing

The area media has grabbed on to the homeland defense recommendation to use duct tape and plastic to seal your doors and windows. Local news channels and talk shows are showing and telling stories of people clearing store shelves of plastic and duct tape. There appears to be near panic in some portions of the east coast.

Before you become alarmed we would ask you to stop by the West Fargo Police Department and pick up a copy of the "Shelter in Place" brochure provided by Cass County Emergency Management. It tells you how to properly prepare to shelter in place. If the time comes to react to an incident, like the hazardous material release in Minot, you will know what to do.

We also have a caution about sealing your home against an unknown hazard. In our northern climates you need to exchange the air within your home a least 3 times a day. If you seal your home too tightly you run the risk of a build-up of harmful gasses given off by your heating system, home furnishings, sewer system, and yes even those you live with. Sealing your homes against a known hazard may safe your life, sealing it out of fear of the unknown may harm you.

Become informed.