March 27, 2017

Crime Tips and Prevention

A neighborhood watch (also called a crime watch or neighborhood crime watch) is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime- and vandalism-prevention within a neighborhood. It builds on the concept of a town watch from Colonial America. A neighborhood watch may be organized as its own group or may simply be a function of a neighborhood association or other community association. Neighborhood watches are not vigilante organizations. When suspecting criminal activities, members are encouraged not to intervene but to contact authorities.

A neighborhood watch program would provide your neighborhood an opportunity to get to know one another better, help reduce crime along with many of other possibilities. For further information feel free to contact Officer Randy Burkhartsmeier,  Officer Ryan Birney, and Officer Kyle Johnson.

With the recent burglaries to the citizens of West Fargo, we, the West Fargo Police Department ask that you contact us at 701-433-5500 to report ANY suspicious activities.