November 19, 2017

Crime Tips and Prevention

Officers and investigators work hard every day to solve crimes that have already taken place.  Some of these crimes go unsolved.  The solution?  Everyone in our community can work hard together to prevent these crime from happening in the first place.  The West Fargo Police Department takes Crime Prevention seriously.  We hope you will too. 

Look through the articles and topics here to find out more information.  We encourage you to join a Neighborhood Watch Program. 

And as always, call us at 701-451-7660 about any suspicious activities. 

 Become Informed


Door to Door Sales



BISMARCK – Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem is warning residents about door-to-door magazine sales crews swarming Bismarck and other cities across the state. The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division is investigating several entities for compliance or licensing problems resulting in possible violations of North Dakota’s Transient Merchants Law. Read more (PDF) about the Attorney General's AdviceAlso visit the North Dakota Attorney General's website.


False Alarms

Many hours per month and throughout the year are spent having both police patrol officers and our firemen answer false alarms. Find out ways to prevent this at your home or business.

False Alarm Information
Chapter 05 - Alarm Ordinance


Back to School Safety

When school is back in session, it is good to be reminded of some important safety tips. Please review these safety tips with your children and print off a poster for the breakroom at work!


Personal Safety Tips

Read through some practical safety tips that could save your life.


Home Security

More than six million residential burglaries occur every year in this country. That's one every ten seconds!  Nearly half of these burglaries are committed without force — that is through UNLOCKED doors and windows! 


Business & Home Alarm System Guide


Business Security

Find out what will protect your business from burglaries. 


Internet Crimes and Safety

Common sense and vigilance on the part of parents will go a long way toward ensuring that your child does not fall prey to an abuser on the Internet.  Read more about internet safety.


Scams and Fraud

Visit the North Dakota Attorney General's Office website to find out information regarding scams. (outside link - we don't guarantee content) - Urban legends and scams are researched here. (outside link - we don't guarantee content) - Useful information regarding financial scams, urban legends, computer viruses, credit card fraud, and more!
Prevent check fraud
ATM Scam
Ask Contractor and Salesman for Copy of License


Landlord / Tenant Information

Landlord Tenant Information from the ND Attorney General's Office
Almost everyone rents living space at some time in their life, but not everyone knows their rights and responsibilities as a tenant.  More information on Landlord and Tenants


Parents' Guides to Gangs

 Buckle Up Message


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