December 12, 2017

West Fargo Fire Volunteers

The West Fargo Fire Department is made up of three full time employees of the Fire Department: Daniel Fuller (Fire Chief), Dell Sprecher (Fire Marshal), and Kendel Frost (Fire Inspector and Assistant Training Officer).   The rest of the department is comprised of volunteers. These individuals have taken the time and effort to serve their community.  We are thankful for these brave men and women who volunteer to help the community that they live in.

West Fargo Fire Department Volunteers

Name  Rank
BJ Carlson                                
Brad Kommer Engineer                         
Brad Lanz   
Brandon Gaugler
Brandon Meske  
Brian Christensen Engineer
Brittany Ragan  
Bryce Allickson  
Chad Noyes  
Chris Papenfuss Engineer
Dale Strege  
Dan Fuller Fire Chief
David Sapp Engineer
David Troy  
Dell Sprecher Assistant Chief
Jacob Dykema  
Jamie Morlan  
Jason Carriveau  
Jayson Schnieder  
Joe Johnson  
Joe Tintes Engineer
Joey Porter  Captain
John Freeman  Captain
John Neeb  
Jordan Gagner  
Justin Donley  
Ken Zetocha Engineer
Kendel Frost Captain
Kevin Dockter Engineer
Levi Nesvold  
Michael Hawley  
Mike Sylstad  
Nate Schmid  Engineer 
Nolan Carlson Engineer
Perry McCellan Engineer
Rory Jorgensen  Assistant Chief
Ryan Sherbrooke  
Scott Berge  
Scott Johnson  
Scott Otto Engineer
Steve Baron Captain
Tim Bonnema Engineer
Tim Clark   
Tom Clark Captain
Travis Olson  
Tucker Bucholtz  
Wyatt Koenig  
Zack Banister