13th Avenue Reconstruction

13th Avenue ReconstructionOverview:

The project will include the construction of a new 6-lane roadway in Fargo and 3-lane westbound and 2-lane eastbound roadway in West Fargo, as well as above and below ground infrastructure improvements from 45th Street S in Fargo to 12th Street E in West Fargo (approximately 1 mile). Project work includes: concrete paving, curb and gutter, shared-use path, city utilities, street lights and traffic signal improvements.

The project's purpose is to replace aging infrastructure, with a goal of improving both pedestrian and vehicular safety and increasing roadway capacity.

PROJECT PHASES – As the project progresses, there will be multiple shifts in traffic control. The anticipated phase schedule is:

  • Phase 2 completion (Complete) – Early September
    • Side-by-side traffic on north side of roadway
  • Phase 3 completion – (Complete) – End of October
    • Side-by-side traffic on south side of roadway- west of 16th Street E
    • Split traffic to the outside lanes of the roadway- east of 16th Street E
  • Phase 4 completion – (Current) - Mid November
  • 45th Street intersection pavement repairs (Complete) – Approximately 3 weeks in June
  • Project completion – Mid November (100% traffic open)

**Please remember all schedules are tentative and weather dependent.

13th Avenue Reconstruction Project Overview


The City of West Fargo project is estimated to cost $7.35 million, with funding through sales tax and special assessments distributed through an improvement district. 

The total special assessment for a single-family residential property owner with less than 2 acres in the improvement district is estimated at $3,500-4,650*, and a 1-acre commercial or multifamily property is estimated at $15,000-20,000*. This balance can be paid in full, or over a 25-year term with interest.

Special assessment district map

*Estimate only. Final special assessments are calculated at the conclusion of the improvement based on the type of property, property size, funding sources and total construction costs.

Project Schedule:

  • Project Begin Date: April 2018
  • Project End Date: November 2018
  • Project Complete: 85%

Completed Work:

  • Sanitary sewer
  • Water main
  • Storm sewer

Current Work:

  • Concrete paving
  • Curb and gutter
  • Sidewalks
  • Signals and lighting
  • Median

Road Closures/Detours:

  • Traffic control remains on both sides of 13th Avenue in Fargo and West Fargo. In each direction, motorists encounter:
    • Eastbound drivers will remain on the south side roadway
    • Westbound drivers will remain on the north side roadway
    • One outside driving lane plus dedicated left turn lane
  • 50th Street SW and 13th Avenue intersection (Fargo): Reduced access slated to reopen Saturday, November 10
    • While crew’s complete median work on 13th Avenue through this intersection traffic will be reduced to right in/right out access only. Northbound traffic will only be allowed to go east, and southbound traffic will only be allowed to go west.

13th Avenue Reconstruction Phase 4 Overview Map Opens in new windowTRAFFIC CONTROL – Phase 4 will continue until mid-November

Work zone: 13th Avenue between 45th Street S in Fargo to 12th Street E in West Fargo

Traffic control: Motorists are carried on the outside through lanes and remain on the respective side of travel.


  • One driving lane plus dedicated left turn lane each direction
  • All intersections have access to mainline
  • Access to surrounding side streets
  • Business access is maintained


  • Inside driving lanes in both directions -- 45th Street S to 12th Street E
  • Sidewalks – North to south pedestrian crossing is at 9th or 45th Streets

Lane widths are reduced to a maximum of 11 feet throughout the project during this phase. Trucks and other large vehicles are encouraged to use alternate routes.

To access commerce or travel through the area, drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes for their east-west driving.

Mainline paving operations from 47th St South to 50th Street South


Traffic Counts:  

  • Daily traffic count throughout the project is approximately 30,000 vehicles per day.
  • The project will safely accommodate higher traffic counts.

Speed Limits: 

  • Speeds are reduced to 25 mph and flaggers are present
  • Fargo and West Fargo Police Departments are conducting traffic blitzes to help keep safe speeds and work zone
  • Peak travel times: 3 - 6 p.m.
    • Congestion expected during these times

Adjacent Project Work:

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