Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is critical to preserving the quality of water in North Dakota. The City of West Fargo's storm sewer drains into the Sheyenne River and has a direct influence on our natural environment. Stormwater management also helps protect our homes from flooding and keeps water from damaging our property.

Any pollutants or sediment that enters the city storm sewer system can harm to the aquatic life in our rivers, animals along its banks, or the thousands of people in the state who use rivers for recreation or as a water supply. To help manage stormwater, the City of West Fargo has developed a storm water management program, which allows us to better regulate what enters our rivers.

Stormwater Hotline

Reporting a Violation

To report a resident/business that is illegally polluting or discharging to the storm sewer system please email Chad Zander or call him at 701-306-2646.

Seasonal Stormwater Reminder

The City of West Fargo would like to remind contractors and homebuilders that, as the ground thaws, all stormwater best management practices must be in place and maintained. Please ensure that your construction sites all have erosion control devices installed and are capable to handling stormwater runoff.

Spring is also a great time clean up any garbage that has been left over the winter. The most common violation in the springtime is tracking sediment into city streets. If the ground is soft and muddy the best option is to stay off until it has time to dry. Using your construction entrance will also help ensure sediment doesn’t get tracked into the street. 

The City of West Fargo has a “mud ordinance” in which any sediment that is tracked into the street, causing a safety issue, can be ticketed. Large mud chucks must be removed immediately and smaller sediment must be cleaned up by the end of the day.

Also please ensure that your contractors and subcontractors are aware of West Fargo’s parking restrictions and spring load restrictions.

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